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Loss a universal experience

We are so delighted to be collaborating with the very talented Steph Turner. Steph has a written a fabulous blog, that we thought you might all be interested in.

Loss: a universal experience

I’m working with The Loss Project to open up conversations about our experiences of loss. Although delivery work has been put on hold, it feels more vital than ever to have safe spaces to explore this universal experience collectively, rather than shouldering it alone. Loss comes in many forms. Automatically, we tend to jump towards the loss of a life and our experience of grief, but it doesn’t take much unpacking of this word to realise how much of our lives are impacted by loss.

Sometimes, we forget that when we experience a loss - the loss of an imagined future for example - we forget that grief is part of that journey too.

Loss can be incredibly painful; it can also be a weight off our shoulders; it can make us feel guilty; it can also help us to notice what we’ve gained or learnt.

I can’t help but intersect our current world experience with the idea of loss. Not only does it force us to look our fragile mortality in the eye, but it also starts to unravel the structures and ways we currently live our lives.

Over the next few months, we will face daily losses. Loss of people, loss of connection, loss of money, loss of jobs, loss of routine. I could go on.

I’m reflecting on different ways we can make sense of these powerful experiences, without losing hope.

We’re exploring how we can connect digitally (and in analog form), to work through these losses together.

Watch this space for more info, but also start here:

Workshop: when experiencing grief, what’s something really helpful, or really unhelpful, that someone has done or said to you

You can find out more about Steph here:

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