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Remembering Moments: Community Memorials

Remembering Moments: Community Memorials

Memorials and rituals, or any act of remembrance is so important for people who are grieving. We all know how the pandemic has impacted our traditions, cultural practices and other ways that we like to celebrate life and remember those important to us. Many of you have been asking us about how to run a community memorial and we have developed Remembering Moments to help you. A community might be a place based community like your street, estate or neighbourhood, your workplace, community networks, or it might even be a community of interest- the activities can be applied to whatever context.


Remembering Moments is a digital guide packed full of ideas, resources and how to's to help you create something special in your community, including:


- A thorough guide with all you need to know and five step by step activities to try out;

- Resources and worksheets to help you to plan and deliver a successful community activity;

- A pre recorded video with need to knows and top tips from our wealth of community experience;

- Wellbeing Resources so that you can look after yourself and others throughout the process


We give you the starting point for you to adapt and amend for your own context whilst giving you enough support and tools to be able to get started. The tools and resources are accessible whether you're an expert at community events or are brand new to it. 


NB this is a digital NOT a physical product




"In every case where grief and praise are still honored, there is one aspect that remains the same with all people: grief, even for an individual’s loss, is a thing for which a lot of people are necessary."


- Martín Prechtel

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