Not just another number

Responding to the challenge of memorialising people who have died during the Covid-19 pandemic - from a Covid-19 death or not - The Loss Project is inviting people to commemorate the lives of their loved ones through creativity/ craft/ art and storytelling.

At present, there is little being written about the lives of the people who have died during this pandemic. By focussing on the numbers, and emphasising this disease rather than any others, we keep the focus on the story on these people’s deaths, rather than their lives. 

We also know that due to restrictions, many funerals are taking place digitally, with a handful of family members or not at all. This means that many of us are not able to have the space for ritual during our bereavement. 

We think that there must be other ways of celebrating these individuals and their stories.

Image by amirali mirhashemian
Image by Jon Tyson


Supporting you with loss

We are busy getting ready with our covid-19 response. We know that our work is needed now, more than ever and we are excited to launch a number of projects. Check back soon for more details.


Doing What’s Needed

We had started a number of projects including film making with young carers in Tower Hamlets, as well as a creative project in London Borough Waltham Forest. These are on hold due to the pandemic, but we will update you with more information once plans are clearer.

Film Crew

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