Supporting you to explore loss

The Loss Project offers a fresh perspective on exploring loss in all of its forms. Loss is a universal experience, and manifests differently across the stages of our lives. We place value on exploring loss but also the contrast with hope, love and transformation without dismissing the painful faces of grief and loss. We offer training, workshops, coaching and products to individuals and organisations who want to explore grief and loss in their own context. We have a suite of resources and services to help you but also offer bespoke packages too.

Lost/Found is our offer for anybody who is experiencing any type of loss and is looking for some help to work through it. Click through to find out more more information about our 1-1 coaching services, our products, online courses, and community events. 

Making space for loss is aimed at organisations, community groups and networks. If you are an organisation or group who is interested in The Loss Project holding space for you, delivering training or projects, or coaching/mentoring staff or volunteers in your networks who are working alongside people experiencing grief and loss, please click through to Making Space for loss.

Alongside our bespoke services and products we also love to try out new things and much of our work is iterative and playful. We have a number of inquiries that we are interested to lean into more which include:

Joy + Grief

Movement + Grief

Nature + Grief

Climate Loss/Grief

Other areas of interest: Children and young people, adoption/care leavers, burnout for professionals working alongside grief and loss, and social prescribing

If you are interested to partner or collaborate with us in any of these areas, please get in touch.

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Supporting individuals with grief and loss


Building capacity with organisations, groups and networks



Working together to change how we experience grief and loss.

We have delivered a range of work offering creative, innovative and welcoming spaces to explore different types of loss.

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We're stronger together

Wherever possible we love to work in collaboration with others. We're particularly proud of two projects we were involved with in the last year.

The Dark Is Bright was a partnership with Canopy and Rooted By Design which took participants with their own experiences of grief and loss through a creative story telling process, resulting in some powerful films. Check out one of them below.

The Long Lost Year was a powerful project in collaboration with The Local Trust using creativity to reflect on loss and hope across their Big Local networks across the UK in response to the pandemic. This also enabled us to work with women of colour artist collective Riot Soup who we love!

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