Holding S P A C E

We have a skilled and talented team, with more than 50 years collective experience of working in the health & social care and end of life space, leading projects to scale, as well as delivering a range of community and volunteer led programmes. We have run organisations, won awards and Claire even has an MBE for her services to palliative care. We love to learn from our participants, and sharing our own knowledge - the good, the bad and the ugly!

We are experienced, and passionate trainers & group facilitators, with the unique ability to hold the space around "difficult" topics with people from all backgrounds and all levels. We are welcoming and inclusive, creating environments where people can learn from us and each other, and leave with something that will impact participants in their personal or professional lives.

Our expertise also spans across to the private sector, where we have supported corporate clients to get the most out of their colleagues, and provide inspiring programmes for staff to connect with.

We have a wide range of workshops and training available for your teams. Have a look at some of our options below, or get in touch for more information.

Rock Balancing


Holding Space

We know that grief, loss and end of life issues can be a tricky area to approach and yet they are universal issues that will affect us all at some point in our lives. From basic to more advanced training, we love to raise awareness, share good practice and support you to have those #cringe conversations that we so often avoid. Our workshops are life affirming, welcoming and create a safe environment for people to connect, share or just be.

Being Creative


Unlocking potential

Creative practice and well being are significant areas across all of our work. Our skilled artists and facilitators can facilitate workshops rooted in creative practice to help unlock your potential. You don't have to create a masterpiece to be creative, and we know how creativity can unleash new perspectives and understanding of ourselves and others,

Image by Jo Szczepanska


Tackling the Issue

We've worked with senior management teams, led organisations and teams through significant change. Whether you are anticipating a period of change, need help unlocking a sticky situation, or need a renewed vision and inspiration- our workshops can transform your organisation.



Training for Staff and Volunteers

We are invested in an innovative and creative approach when it comes to working with communities, which we want to share with you. From coaching employees, to skills based training in working with communities, or supporting you to design community programmes, find out how we can create a tailor made programme specifically designed for you.

Women Holding Hands


Making a Difference

Volunteers are the bedrock of many organisations, but we don't always get supporting them quite right. We can offer training and guidance to revitilise your volunteering programmes, including coaching of staff teams, designing and reviewing services and inspiring you to take volunteering to the next level.

Corporate Volunteering

There's nothing wrong with painting walls or gardening, but we also recognise the challenges for corporates to engage in meaningful opportunities for their employees. Get in touch to work with us to create bespoke volunteering programmes that enables your organisation to give back, whilst supporting communities too with what they need.

Our corporate work is not only important to raise awareness and to provide opportunities for organisations and businesses to give back to their community, but will also enable us to work with communities who might not otherwise be able to work with us- a triple win!


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