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Loss is a universal experience that will affect us all at some point in our lives. Our vision is to create a loss positive culture, that enables us all to accept grief and loss as a part of life and to support each other better. 

The Loss Project is creating a framework to help individuals, communities and organisations to acknowledge loss in a healthier way in whatever context. We work with and acknowledge all losses including living losses, such as jobs, relationships, connection etc as well as the loss of loved ones. We are interested to understand the interaction between losses, and how we can create a culture that acknowledges, embraces and even celebrates this complex human experience.

The Loss Project aims to generate a community response to loss by connecting people in local communities through their experiences of grief, loss and trauma, in whatever form they come in. Our mission is to challenge the stigma and taboo around loss, cutting through the barriers of difficult conversations and subjects that can often remain unspoken. We put people with lived experience first, whilst building capacity, awareness, and confidence for us to support ourselves and each other. Through training, workshops, and bespoke creative community programmes, we aim to support communities to become more open and connected. 

We are growing a collective of facilitators; academics; designers; artists; technologists; and experts by experience; who collaborate to push the boundaries and challenge the status quo of how we deal with and support people with issues relating to grief and loss. We bring a fresh and creative edge to organisations, communities and others, who are interested to create a ‘loss positive’ culture in society, which is nourishing, accepts loss as a universal experience and a normal part of life cycles, and explores the transformational potential that grief and loss can catalyse for individuals and wider society. 

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Our values flow through all of our work.

  • We recognise every individual’s experience deserves to be heard.

  • We help people find ways to live with loss.

  • We challenge the stigma around all sorts of loss.

  • We create a generative space for dialogue.

  • We place value on using creativity to express loss and find meaning in it.

  • We will do no harm to people or planet.


In living into our values, we adopt the following approach:

  • We aim to be connected and creative in our approach. 

  • We place value on the status quo.

  • We are inquisitive and curious.

  • We put honesty and integrity at the centre of the work.

  • We never knowingly discriminate.

  • We recognise the strength in each other – doing with and by, rather than to and for.

  • We are collaborative and build reciprocal partnerships.

  • We can sit with discomfort.

  • We welcome all emotions into our spaces.

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Our commitment to diversity, and challenging racism and discrimination is really important to us. We want to educate ourselves and learn, be open, and be challenged when we are not getting it right. We also recognise that our core team are all currently white women, and as such only brings a certain set of perspectives. As we are still fairly new, we hope that as we grow, we will build a collective of people who bring a range of perspectives and voices, and our forthcoming action plan will form a basis to progress that. Our diversity manifesto and action plan is a work in progress, but the below outlines our commitments in our work:

  1. We will make conscious and deliberate decisions to ensure that people of colour, women, and other under represented groups are represented positively in our purchasing power, whether through our collaborators, suppliers or team; we seek to work with people who bring a range of perspectives and life experiences.

  2. We will experiment with our governance structures to ensure we create an environment where people from lots of different backgrounds can participate and have a voice in shaping our strategy and direction.

  3. We will seek new members of our freelance collective from communities of colour and other under represented groups. This includes committing to training and development programmes to support with skills and access where needed. 

  4. We are careful about the language and imagery we use; ensuring that we do not create work only in our own image.

  5. We actively challenge any institutional structures, language and behaviour that perpetuates racism and discrimination.

  6. We promote our work in places where people of colour and other under represented groups access.

  7. We honour that we are all different, and find ways to celebrate and amplify the voices of others.

  8. We listen deeply, and make changes if we don't get it right, even if it makes us uncomfortable.



Committed to the Cause



Founder and Director

Carly brings a wealth of expertise in the setting up, management and development of community-led and volunteering programmes throughout East London and beyond. She set up a community day programme for adults with learning disabilities, and a local befriending service with Outward, a support and care charity, as well as the first Hackney FoodCycle Hub, a community meal rescuing food that was edible but would normally go to waste.

With the start of her career in the private sector, managing large locum doctor contracts in the NHS, combined with her success in the Third Sector, she brings a wide range of skills and expertise to this work.

More recently she has been working in the hospice sector, particularly on an award winning End of Life and social isolation programme.

Carly is studying an MA in Social Entrepreneurship at Goldsmiths college London. She is a lover of pineapples, speaking Spanish, playing in Drum Club, and all things community.

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Claire Henry MBE RGN BSc(hons) PGDip

With over 30 years working in clinical, managerial and quality improvement within the NHS and 3rd sector, Claire has an abundance of experience in palliative and end of life care

Claire brings flexibility, energy, humour, creativity and curiosity to all she does focusing on what makes the difference to people in relation to end of life care.

Claire has led national programmes and independent reviews including the NHS End of Life Care Programme which supported the implementation of the National End of Life Care Strategy for England and National Choice offer for end of life care “What’s important to me”.

Claire has been actively involved in community engagement and developments nationally including Dying Matters which she led for 3 years. She was also co- founder of the National Lung Cancer Forum for Nurses.

In 2013 Claire was awarded an MBE in the Queen's Birthday Honours for her services to improving end-of-life care and in the same year received a lifetime achievement award from the International Journal of Palliative Nursing.

More recently Claire has been working independently supporting health and social care organisations in a variety of aspects relating to palliative and end of life care.

During any free time, Claire has she loves watching rugby and taking long walks with her two very lively springer spaniels




I’m a creative and social practitioner based in London and the South West. Fuelled by a passion for bringing people together, a curiosity about how people create and experience community as well as a drive to challenge the status quo, I work with groups and organisations to design, learn & reflect together to bring about change.




Learning Opportunities

Our goal is to promote great learning opportunities; with access to the right resources, people can become empowered by their own abilities and gain the confidence to fulfill their potential. With a range of training and workshop programme options including awareness raising of issues surrounding loss, volunteering or community building and catalysing connection, get in touch to find out more about what we can offer you.


Supporting You

With a wide range of expertise and skills on offer, our team can provide a range of consultancy services from developing strategy, project management, problem-solving, change management and much more. We have the right people available to support you, wherever you are.


Building knowledge, networks and connections

Interested in having one of our team speak at an event or would you like us to support you to run an event? Get in touch with your brief, we love to make new connections and promote collaborative working.

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Ensuring we are transparent

Here we will upload our annual reports. These are really important so that we can share our learnings, highlights, challenges and our future plans. It's also a great way for us to reflect and look back on all we've achieved! If you have any questions about our annual reports, please contact Carly, Founding Director at hello@thelossproject.com.