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We explore grief and loss with communities in three broad categories; CREATE, MOVE, SPACES.

The Loss Project offers a fresh perspective on exploring loss in all of its forms. Loss is a universal experience, and manifests differently across the stages of our lives. We place value on acknowledging hope, love and transformation without dismissing the painful faces of grief and loss. We offer consultancy, training, facilitation, delivery of community projects, coaching and products to individuals and organisations who want to explore grief and loss in their own context. We have a suite of resources and services to help you but also offer bespoke packages too.

If you are interested to partner or collaborate with us, please get in touch.



Creative approaches to grief and loss.

We employ creativity and the arts as tools to explore and process grief and loss. We find they're good conversation starters, safe ways to investigate difficult feelings and anyone can take part.

From creative writing, free downloads, and collaging, we have a lot on offer to support you.

We also work in partnership with multi-disciplinary artist Annie Frost Nicholson on many of our creative projects, bringing innovative public realm art to life.



Using movement and boxing to move through loss

We've found movement to be underused and popular ways to process grief and tough times. From hula hooping, yoga, dancing at grief raves and boxing we've hosted a range of workshops and programmes.

Our flagship movement programme, is RELEASE: Boxing through Bereavement.



Hosting spaces for people to be open about loss.

With our team of expert facilitators and coaches, we host group and individual workshops, events and sessions for people to explore grief and loss.

We've run a number of successful programmes, including Making SPACE for loss during the pandemic, working with a number of arts, health and social care and community based organisations.

Our Work: Projects


Working together to change how we experience grief and loss.

We have delivered a range of work offering creative, innovative and welcoming spaces to explore different types of loss.

Our Work: Programs
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We're stronger together

Wherever possible we love to work in collaboration with others. We're particularly proud of two projects we were involved with in the last year.

The Dark Is Bright was a partnership with Canopy and Rooted By Design which took participants with their own experiences of grief and loss through a creative story telling process, resulting in some powerful films. Check out one of them below.

The Long Lost Year was a powerful project in collaboration with The Local Trust using creativity to reflect on loss and hope across their Big Local networks across the UK in response to the pandemic. This also enabled us to work with women of colour artist collective Riot Soup who we love!

Our Work: Video
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