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Using movement and boxing to move through loss

We've found movement to be underused and popular ways to process grief and tough times. From hula hooping, yoga, dancing at grief raves and boxing we've hosted a range of workshops and programmes for groups and individuals.

Our flagship movement programme, is RELEASE: Boxing through Bereavement.

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Boxing through bereavement

"The bereavement boxing group has really helped me navigate my grief. When you lose somebody, it’s really hard to stay motivated to do anything. This group has given me something to look forward to and has been a great way to relieve the stress and anxiety that comes with grief. Carly has been amazing and hasn’t pushed anyone to speak about their feelings but allows us time to do so when we’re ready. It was very helpful meeting others who had been through similar experiences, as you can talk about your feelings and begin to understand that you’re not alone. This group has really gotten me through the last couple of months and helped me when I felt at my lowest.” Hannah, West Essex Group

Grief can bring us all sorts of emotions, including feeling angry, sad, exhausted, and like our world has been turned upside down. Boxing is a great way of channelling these normal reactions, releasing some of what’s going on for us, and helping our overall health and wellbeing too.

The Loss Project, creator of the RELEASE Programme, highly commended by Active Essex Activity Awards 2023, uses boxing as a way to help us to process and acknowledge grief. The sessions are open to anyone aged 18+, of any abilities, with no previous boxing or fitness experience necessary to participate. The sessions are all non-contact and are a great way to try boxing, get fit alongside mindfulness techniques and other ways of exploring our natural and human responses to grief. 

Carly, Founder of The Loss Project and boxing coach, started boxing four years ago. Her friend had recently died and she felt stuck, unfit, unhealthy and in need of a shake up. She found that oftentimes grief can bring feelings of anger and frustration but with no outlets to release it. Three years later she has retrained as a boxing coach (Level 1 England Boxing Coach, Level 3 PT and Boxercise Instructor) alongside her work on The Loss Project and has first hand experience of how boxing for fitness has been transformational in her life. It offers an opportunity to touch all aspects of your wellbeing in body, mind and soul. She wants to give people the opportunity to experience the many benefits boxing has brought to her life in a safe, fun and friendly environment.

Kirsty, who has never boxed before reiterates the cathartic release:

“This has been the only time I can really let out my emotions. It’s like I can’t hit the bag hard enough, I’ve never been able to fully process or let go…this is amazing for me.”

The RELEASE programme is delivered in West Essex at Dennis and Dyer Boxing Academy, Rutland in partnership with RTB Fitness, LOROS Hospice and Dying Matters Rutland. With new pop up sessions in North and South London in March 2023. The Loss Project plans to bring the RELEASE programme to local areas across the UK in the next 24 months. 

We also offer a bespoke 1-1 programme for young people aged 11-17.

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