GUEST BLOG: Jill Weaver-Channeling Grief for Positive Outcomes

#shareyourstory It was 18 October 2019 when I became a member of the club no one ever wants to join – my beautiful, spirited, loving 8 year old daughter passed away suddenly and unexpectedly, following a short battle with leukaemia. I felt pain like never before, an indescribable sadness filled my every moment. My journey with grief began. I didn’t know what to do; how to manage my jumble of emotions and thoughts. The days and weeks passed by in a bit of a fog, and I didn’t k

GUEST BLOG: Laura Toop shares her story

5 years ago, my life spectacularly imploded I lost my husband, my health, and my career in quick succession, Everything I knew, gone in an instant. Indeed, my then, 4 year-old-nephew said that first Christmas, ‘Auntie Lollipops (aka Me) now that Uncle Chris is dead, you have nothing’. ‘Do not worry’, he said, ‘I will look after you for 100 days’. And they say…out of the mouths of babes…100 days, well that is a long time if you are 4, but if you are 42 then it was not going to

GUEST BLOG: The Power of Speech #shareyourstory

The power of speech. A phrase used to proclaim how important talking is. The undoubtable value of vocalising our experiences, emotions and our contemplations. However though, sometimes speech can fail us. Sometimes its inadequate or it`s consistently unreliable to express the deepest and most delicate contents of our hearts and minds. My reasoning is informed by my loss. For 4 years Dave and I were lovers and the closest of companions. Mostly we were soul mates. We connected

Steph's Story #griefawarenessweek

Steph’s Story - Grief Awareness Week 2020 My Nan was my absolute world when I was young. I have such fond memories of her taking me ‘out on the town’ down to my local highstreet in a small market town in Devon. We’d browse the shop windows and then head for our final pitstop; the cafe where I ordered what I thought was the world's biggest strawberry milkshake. She was always a giggle; a trouble-maker with a glint in her eye, encouraging me to go to that party even if my paren