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Let's talk about death baby (anyone get the ear worm?)

100 points if you guessed the song...answers on the back of a postcard. In the mean time take a look at a blog post our very own Claire Henry has previously written for Dying Matters week- its a goodun:

Claire shares her reflections on Are we ready to talk about death dying and bereavement?

Are we ready to talk about what is important to us and others like our family, friend’s neighbours, clients, customers’ and patients?

Are we ready to give time to listen to discuss to share to write down to fine out? your answer may be yes, no or depends on the circumstances.

From my experience we are more likely to talk about others peoples wishes around death and dying rather than our own and even then it is not always the most comfortable discussion to have. In my travels I often get asked about what I do when I say I find this to be a conversation starter or stopper, and a common response is that must be very morbid and depressing. Yes, it can be very sad but if I think over the years about the many amazing conversations I have had and the stories I have been told they have been filled with sadness, joy tears and laughter but the key has been to listen, enjoy and learn about human nature. We can all offer this gift giving time and listening 5 minutes can make a real difference to someone.

I have just provided my point it is easier to talk about death and dying in relation to others, so I need to take a leaf out of my own book and come back to my self am I ready? have I thought about what does being ready mean to me when I am dying?

Have I put my house in order sorted out the practical things such as a will, insurance, funeral, last power of attorney my digital legacy on the whole I can say yes? Have I thought about what who and how I would like to spend my last months or days, as for me creating those memories for those who are important to me is imperative as I know this from memories I was able to create with friends and family who have died are so important and special to me.

Where would I want to be care for and die these are all really important things to think about and if I am honest my thoughts and feeling have changed over the years and will continue do so like I would image many others. For me it has and continued to be work in progress just like life its self with it twists and turns.

If you are like me try and find time to make sure you, those important to you, are ready as having the discussions sooner rather than later is vital as none of us know what is around the corner and once you have done it you can get on with living and doing all those fun things with people you want to be with and not waiting till it is too late

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