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Ready, steady, go- the launch of The Loss Project

We are mega excited here at The Loss Project that we're finally launching and getting cracking! We are passionate about supporting communities with the real stuff that affects them in their lives. We know from our own professional and personal experience that working closely with people in their communities- tuned into their strengths, desires and needs means that great things can happen for individuals and collectives. We hope that this new social enterprise will provide a vehicle to do some upstream community work across the UK and beyond.

We are open for business and raring to go- we'd particularly love to hear from people who:

- Have community development experience and would like to freelance for us.

- Are interested in partnering with us to deliver a project in the community.

- Would like to support us with fundraising or make a donation.

- Would like to join our mailing list

- Work for a corporate and are interested in connecting us with a business who might be interested in our training programme.

Otherwise, watch this space as we grow and evolve (hopefully our blog posts will too). :)

We can't wait to share our journey with you.

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