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Work your grief out

RELEASE combines boxing and grief support for anybody who is bereaved.

The programme is aimed at people who are new to boxing or have little boxing or fitness experience. The sessions combine boxing skills, workouts for fitness, strength and conditioning with grief support, alongside a supportive peer group of like minded people who understand the challenges of grief and loss. The sessions are non-contact and by the end of the programme participants will be confident with their stance, boxing skills, improved their fitness levels, as well as having an opportunity to process and explore aspects of their grief. 

Kubler-Ross outlines anger as one of the five stages of grief, but often doesn’t have enough attention paid to it. Megan Devine, Psychotherapist states: 

“The reality of anger never gets any airtime in our culture. Anger is a response to a sense of injustice. Of course you’re angry…..anger, allowed expression, is simply energy. Shown respect and given room, anger tells a story of love and connection and longing for what is lost. Contrary to pop psychology and the medical model, anger is healthy, normal, and necessary.”

This is echoed in an American Study: ‘Non-contact boxing appears to provide a cathartic release of anger, aggression, stress, and the dissipation of anxious energy’. We know that boxing is an untapped resource to help us to work through some of the complicated and nuanced sides of processing grief and this is evidenced in the group that has begun in West Essex.

Why boxing? Carly, Founder of The Loss Project started boxing nearly three years ago. Her friend had recently died and she felt stuck, unfit, unhealthy and in need of a shake up. She found that oftentimes grief can bring feelings of anger and frustration but with no outlets to release it. Three years later she has retrained as a boxing coach alongside her work on The Loss Project and has first hand experience of how boxing for fitness has been transformational in her life. It offers an opportunity to touch all aspects of your wellbeing in body, mind and soul. She wants to give people the opportunity to experience the many benefits boxing has brought to her life in a safe, fun and friendly environment.

The current project is supported by Maverick Stars Trust and is delivered in collaboration with England affiliated boxing gym, Dennis and Dyer Boxing Academy.

Get Involved

We are looking for other collaborators across the country to run further RELEASE programmes. We're especially interested in working with boxing gyms who would like to run the programme for local bereaved people in their community. Get in touch to find out more.

If you're a bereaved person and would like us to come to your area; have  a 1-1 session with Carly; or you'd like to try an online session, do drop us a line for more information.

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