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Supporting you with loss

We are busy getting ready with our covid-19 response. We have developed a three-phased plan with a variety of things to support you and your communities with loss.

We are currently seeking additional funding to help us to do this, as a small social enterprise we have been hit by work that has been stopped and accessing funds to support our work. If you can help in any way, big or small, please click on the donate button below; as a social enterprise all of our money goes towards supporting communities across the UK. There's no pressure on this though, we know that things are tough for everyone right now.

All donations will go directly to our programmes which will support individuals and communities who are struggling with loss during the pandemic.

If you'd like more information, or are interested in collaborating with us, please do get in touch.



Supporting you with grief and loss

We have a whole load of ways for you to get involved with The Loss Project, from loss themed spoon rooms, to creative writing workshops, tackling job losses and so much more, we're really excited to share our new virtual programme with you. All of our events will be published on our Upcoming Events page; click through to sign up and please do share with your networks.




A social media campaign encouraging people to open up about how they feel in the Covid-19 pandemic. Although we will be doing this through the lens of loss, the main aim is allowing people to share exactly how they feel; good, bad, ugly and everything in between.

Inspiration for the # came from pop artist Lizzo: - Lizzo’s song ‘Exactly How I Feel’ - it’s about letting your emotions out (plus some profanities- not for kids!).

You can submit your thoughts to and we are happy to post anonymously.

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Remembering your loved ones

We don't want the people we love and want to remember to just be another statistic. We've created Stitch in Time so that we can honour their names and stories. Find out more about how we're helping you to memorialise your loved ones below...



Giving you the language and tools to talk about loss

This is hard. We hear you- but we know from experience that opening up the conversation about this stuff and connecting with others, really helps. Some of you might be working in organisations that need help with this, or with volunteers, mutual aid groups or your family and friends. We can help. We will soon be releasing some free downloadable content about job losses [watch this space] and can offer virtual workshops. There are many ways you can find out about our programmes, sign up to our email updates, or click on the buttons below.

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A simple guide to understanding and setting up mutual aid.

A practical guide and planning tool for individuals and workers to support the creation of as many MAGs as are necessary, building real and practical capacity, on the ground, to deal with the tough times now, and to be sure we don’t forget what is important, as and when we get this virus under control.

We believe that mutual aid is for life, not just for corona (see what we did there!) we really want to support you to start MAGS that create long lasting connections, for however long they are needed in your communities. We're thinking of these really tough times as a kick start to embrace existing connections and to perhaps create new ones to support ourselves and each other with what's needed. 

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Connecting with people across the UK to support each other

Coming soon....a new series of free inspiring workshops supporting you to promote a grief/loss positive culture in your communities.


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